At Kingspan Insulated Panels we have four different types of products: Insulated Panels, Built-up Insulation Systems, Single Skin products and Structural Products.  Here we will explain each product type.


What is an insulated panel?

It is a high-performance, single component, factory pre-engineered system, that replaces multi-part construction. It comprises an exterior metal skin, a high performance PIR insulation core and an interior metal skin.



Kingspan’s unique PIR insulation core, combined with the superior joint systems, provide air and weathertight building envelopes, without any degradation of their performance overtime.


It provides:

  • FIREsafe and FIBREfree product
  • Ease & Speed of Build
  • Superior U-values,Thermal & Airtightness Performance
  • Excellent Fire Performance
  • Design Flexibility & Aesthetic Appeal
  • Quality Assurance

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What is a Built-Up Insulation System?

Our Kingzip SF is an example of a this type of system.  It is a multi-component build with a standing seam top-sheet. The built-up nature of this system allows for more flexiblity in the roof design and particularly curves.




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What is a Single Skin Product?

We have a range of profiled, metal sheeting suitable for walls and roofs which is uninsulated.  A single skin product is essentially just the metal top sheet of an insulated roof or wall panel.  It can form the top, external layer of a built-up system or can be used alone for projects where no insulation is required.

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What is a Structural Product?

We manufacture a range of cold roll-formed structural products including purlins, rails, steel floor decking, C sections and a comprehensive range of ancillaries.


These products are used as secondary steel work for walls, roofs, ceilings and floors in all construction types.




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