We provide products to a wide range of offices, including ancillary office space, banks, customer service  and call centres, internet cafes, IT and data processing, administration centres, telecoms buildings and TV/recording studios.


The nature of our insulated panel products means that they can all be tailored to suit a project and can reflect any design or architectural desire. The  lengths, styles, colours, profiles and ancillaries are all manufactured to order, while the light-weight nature of the insulated panels and their easy fix installation means that developments can be finished quicker and businesses can move in.

Our Height Safety Solutions can also be installed on the roof to make future maintenance work safer.

Our range of Structural Products are perfect for a building's secondary steel frame and also provides the steel decking for in-between floors.


We can provide every element needed for the envelope of an office or adminstration building, whether it be an unique architectural statement building or a standard, functional business park.

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