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Estidama is used in the Middle East and was developed primarily for Abu Dhabi where it is also embedded within local legislation.


Estidama is divided into 7 categories and incorporates a Pearl Rating System. The Pearl rating system of Estidama is designed to provide the most cost-effective, high performing developments and creating a new sustainability framework.


The various categories and possible Pearl Rating Systems are:



Number of Points

IDP – Integrated Development Process 


NS – Natural Systems


LB - Livable Buildings


PW – Precious Water


RE – Resourceful Energy


SM – Stewarding Materials


IP – Innovating Practice 



Within each section there are both mandatory and optional credits and credit points are awarded for each optional credit achieved. To achieve a 1 Pearl rating, all the mandatory credit requirements must be met. To achieve a higher Pearl rating, all the mandatory credit requirements must be met along with a minimum number of credit points.


Pearl Rating Achieved


1 Pearl

All Mandatory Points

2 Pearl

All Mandatory Points

+ 60 Section points

3 Pearl

All Mandatory Points

+ 85 Section points

4 Pearl

All Mandatory Points

+ 115 Section points

5 Pearl

All Mandatory Points

+ 140 Section points


Kingspan products can help achieve credits in the following categories:

  • Integrated Development Process
  • Liveable Buildings
  • Resourceful Energy
  • Precious Water
  • Stewarding Materials

Kingspan could contribute up to 24% of the overall credits available (depending on the building) and could potentially indirectly achieve a further 11% by providing solutions that helps design teams achieve credits. This equates to a potential score of circa. 35%.


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