Route to Net-Zero

Net-Zero Energy Buildings refer to buildings which are energy neutral.  Net-Zero Energy can be achieved following a three step process, which we have called the 'Route to Net-Zero'


The Route to Net-Zero comprises:


  1. EnvelopeFirst & Optimised Building Services

  2. Insulated & Generate

  3. Net-Zero Energy Building


By applying this three step process, it is possible to achieve a Cost Optimal Building.



STEP 1: EnvelopeFirst & Optimised Building Services

The first step, EnvelopeFirst & Optimised Building Services, optimises the insulation, airtightness, heat loss/gain and daylight design of the building envelope for its intended life, whilst ensuring the building’s services are geared to energy efficient operation.


It is of utmost importance that the building envelope is appropriate before embarking on other energy efficient measures as the building envelope tends to last the life of the building. It is mandatory to get the design correct to ensure low operational cost for the entire lifetime of the building.


For more detail on how to approach this stage and what to consider, please download to our Product Selector and refer to the Sustainability section.

STEP 2: Insulate & Generate: Integrated LZC (Low or Zero Carbon) Technologies

The second step is called Insulate & Generate. At this stage, additional enhancements to the building fabric and/or internal duct/pipework are introduced and low or zero carbon technology systems are added to further reduce the overall energy footprint.


The energy saving solutions selected at this stage depend on a number of variables, including cost-effectiveness, building type, internal demands, orientation, geographical location and climate.

STEP 3 Net-Zero Energy Buildings

The final step is called Net-Zero Energy Buildings (NZEBs). The purpose of this stage is to ensure that the overall annual performance of the building balances out.


This usually involves enhancing the renewable energy-producing technologies incorporated in the building and may require investment in off-site energy saving schemes.


At this stage is then possible to calculate a return on investment, Net-Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR).


For help and advice on any stage of this process, please contact your local sales manager.






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