Kingspan Insulated Panels takes the fire safety of its products with the upmost seriousness. One of the most convincing arguments for the use of Kingspan Insurer-Certified, PIR core, sandwich panels is the way they react to fire in real building fire situations. 


All our products have fire safety certification to either UK, European, International or  country-specific standards and often to all of these.

Particularly in the case of insulated, composite panels, we have been leading the industry for many years campaigning for more stringent and more detailed testing and our product development has prioritised fire performance as a key improvement measure.


See Roy Weghorst, Kingspan's Head of Regulatory Affairs talk about the differences in panel core types and their fire performance.


We work closely with industry bodies, such as the Association of British Insurers (ABI), fire consultants, such as Tenos and testing establishments such as Factory Mutual (FM) to ensure that industry expectations of fire performance are high and that our products comply with the best possible standards.


In the case of our Kingspan insulated PIR panels, they can achieve up to 60 minutes fire insulation and integrity according to EN 1364 and up to FR60 according to UK Insurance Industry Standard LPS 1208.


Globally our insulated panel products are accredited to:

  • Europe: EN 13501-1, particularly B-s1,d0; ‘s1’ rating, being the best (lowest) smoke rating
  • Global: FM 4880 – Class 1 Internal wall and ceiling panels without height restriction
  • Global Insurance: FM 4881 – Class 1 External wall panel systems
  • Global insurance: FM 4471 – Class 1 Roof panel systems
  • USA / Global: NFPA 285 Façade testing
  • UK: BS 8414 – Façade testing
  • SP 105 Fire Façade testing - (Nordic countries)




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Fire - Propane
Torch Test

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The video to the left shows the real life fire performance of Kingspan's FIREsafe PIR insulation core over a period 10 minutes using a propane torch burning at over 1000○C.





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