Real Fire
Case Studies

One of the most convincing arguments for the use of Kingspan Insurer Certified PIR core sandwich panels is the way they react to fire in real building fire situations.


Independently researched real fire case studies have proven the performance of Insurer Certified PIR panel systems in the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe.


We work closely with Tenos, a Fire Consultancy, when they examine serious fires which have ocurred in buildings where Kingspan's panels have been used. By following their investigations we can get real, impartial information on the performance of our panels.

Click on the Tenos reports as case studies below to learn how our panels helped prevent fire spread and reduce loss for:

Watch Mostyn Bullock from Tenos Fire Consultancy talk about the practical and real-life impacts of using different types of insulated panels on commercial and industrial buildings.


We have developed a brochure of real fire case studies, which can be downloaded on the left.


These case studies cover the performance of various Kingspan PIR panel systems in different applications including an external arson attack. We have published every single case study that we have had done on our panel systems with the exception of those that the client has asked to remain confidential. In every case, the PIR core panels have been found to have performed very well with no evidence of contribution to fire spread.

Overall Conclusions

  • PIR cores charred in the immediate vicinity of fire.
  • Fires were not propagated within the PIR core.
  • PIR panels did not char significantly outside of the area of the main fire.
  • Dominant influence on fire severity was the contents of the building – fire severity not significantly influenced by the PIR panel.
  • No evidence to indicate that PIR panels increased the risk of fire spread.








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