Kingspan PIR Core
Sandwich Panels FireTests

Fire risk assessment is essential for compliance with statutory regulations, standards and insurer property and business risk requirements. 


Our certified, Firesafe, insulated external roof, wall and internal temperature control systems are used extensively in all building sectors. Our panels go through a number of vigorous testing procedures undertaken by third party certification bodies and their excellent performance is demonstrated in our certified approvals.

FM 4880

Set up

FM 4880

Fire Development

FM 4880

End of Test


B-s1,d0 achieved


EI60 on Vertical Walls


EI60 on Ceilings



FM Approval

The range of tested and certified insurer approved Factory Mutual (FM) systems are widely recognised by investors, property insurers, designers and constructors for their superior fire engineered performance thus reducing fire risks.

  • Kingspan Firesafe systems have been tested and approved to Factory Mutual (FM) and BS 476 Part 22 standards to comply with property insurers risk requirements.  
  • To comply with FM and BS 476 Part 22 fire test standards no flash over or fire propagation occurs.
  • No flame spread occurs within the panel core.  
  • Kingspan FIREsafe roof and wall systems are secured to the main/secondary frame of the building to protect fire fighters.

Watch Mark Harris, Kingspan's Insulated Panels' Building Technology Director talk about the different fire tests and the importance of fire testing to the insurance industry.



Real Fire Evidence

40 years of real fire history indicates that rigid urethane insulated external roof and wall panels have an exemplary fire performance record.

Analysis of real fire collated information shows:

  • There are no recorded incidents where external insulated roof and wall panels have caused or have been involved in the initial stages of a fire.
  • External insulated roof and wall panels only become involved when an established internal fire has reached a fully developed building and contents loss stage.
  • Due to the method of external fixing and engineered joint designs, insulated panels forming the external envelope retain their structural integrity until structural frame failure.
  • Biased and misinformation has caused the fire risk issue on external envelope sandwich panels to be sensationalised, whereas major fire history and insurer losses have been related to buildings with internal compartmentation applications within the food processing industry.





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