Another of the special benefits of working with Kingspan Insulated Panels is total product installation support offered to all contractors.


We offer these services to ensure that our customers are getting the right products for their projects and understand the correct ways to build using our panels.


Our support package includes:

Mechanical Handling


Our experience working with mechnical handling companies means that we can advise on the best off-loading & vacuum lifting equipment for use with our products.


The benefits of Mechanical Handling include:

  • Increased productivity - realistic to install up to 2000m2 of panel a day.
  • Long length panels - Gives you the option of installation from eaves to ridge in one panel lenght, thus ensuring greater roof integrity and increased aesthetic appeal.
  • Reduced construction time - being able to install 2000m2 of panel a day allows for earlier project completion.
  • Products can be installed safely at greater roof pitches.
  • Reduced damage.





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