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South African
SANS 10400-XA

The South African National Standard is a recent regulation which has been introduced by the South African Government to promote a more energy-efficient approach in the construction sector.


The majority of South Africa's building stock was built when electricity was cheap but as a result this has lead to an increase on demand on the South African national grid. This has encouraged the South African government to produce new regulations called the South African National Standard (SANS) 10400-XA, which promotes the construction of more energy efficient buildings.


The South African government is now also focusing on improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings by retro-fitting and ensuring that new buildings are designed to be as energy efficient as possible. The amended South African National Building (SANS) 10400–XA Regulations now require the energy usage in a building to comply with these set standards.


SANS 10400-XA Energy usage in buildings is the South African equivalent to Part L for Energy Conservation of Fuel and Power in the UK. 


Our Technical team at Kingspan Insulated Panels has an excellent knowledge of the SANS requirements, including the different building categories, the routes to compliance and the regional variations.


We can provide advice and assistance with new and retro-fit projects on how best to comply with the regulations and how our products can help any building achieve greater energy efficiency. 


For more information please contact our South African Sales Director by clicking here.





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